10,000ltr Fluid Transport Tank Low Profile

Enviroform's low profile 10,000ltr Tank is reliably used on full width open trays.


2550L x 2430W x 1770H

Strength; the FTU range of tanks that Enviroform offers are built heavy duty to handle the moving forces of liquids up to 1.3Specific Gravity(SG).
Safety; they also are fully engineer approved to be highly safe to use while complying with all relevant Australian standards.
Warranty & Material Integrity; the materials used in the manufacture of this range are fully UV protected to ensure they perform for the 15year warranty, standing up to the tough Aussie conditions while still be of food grade quality.
Australian Design; fully owned and manufactured in Australia
Easily Mountable; Specialised 'clawfoot' mounting system for sure and secure permanent and semi-permenent installation applications. Mounting pins supplied ready to go with required bolt holes.
Rust Free fittings; Brass full threaded(internal and external) outlets used to ensure not only water safety quality but longevity of the parts added to the tank.
Tank Access; secure tank access lid(s) supplied as standard. Enables easy access to clean/maintain the tank internally. The lids/access parts used enable ease of filling from use to use as well.

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