Fuel Management and Control | 10-80 Users

Facilitates basic fuel management for the sites up to 80 users.


Package Dimensions: 500mmx390mmx390mm

Includes a self priming pump, meter, intake filter, 4m of antistatic delivery hose, auto shut off nozzle
Flow rates of up to 90L/min
Quiet operation with a noise rating of less than 70 decibels
Password or i-button(key fob) activated.
Data downloads done via periodic USB or Cable download. Every 255 Fills/Operations
Manages pump ignition, user identification of preauthorised users, pre-selection of dispensed litres, also the ability to connect to tank level monitoring in order to deactivate the pump when fuel levels are low.
80 User Capability; supplied standard with 10 Keys plus 1 Management Key.
Monitroing Data will/can include registrations, kilometres, and dispensing date & Time.
Built in display cover to prevent longterm UV damage to the LCD screen.
2 Year Warranty
12/7 After-sales support.

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