5,000Ltr Diesel Pumping Station

Our 5,000Ltr Diesel Single Skin Pumping Station is supplied standard with a 70lpm 240v Puisi Bowser Pump & 4mtr Delivery Hose, and a safe fill of 4,700Ltr.


1500 Dia. x 2100 H

3/4" return line for pumps
Earthing rod & connection
2" galvanised top fill with male camlock adaption & specialised internal pipework to protect against frothing
Specialised bi-acting vent; only activates when filling & emptying. This enables the vessel to remain completely air tight when not in use preventing condensation build up.
Specialised manhole access; bolt down metal manhole plate (DL-5000 & DL-10000).
Specialised Lifting Points
Specialised nitrile materials are used in all seals & gaskets for longevity.
Tanks to be installed compliant with the AS1940-2017 Diesel Standard

Supplied with

Diesel 2" Ball Valve

Diesel Top Fill Kit

Diesel Lifting Lug

12v Hanger


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