Diesel Tanks and Equipment

Whether you are needing an onsite diesel refuelling station, or a simple fuel storage tank, Enviroform can customise every diesel fuel tank to suit your needs.

Enviroform's Polyethylene Diesel Tank Range came about through years of customer feed back and market requirements. Enviroform started out manufacturing standard storage tanks for Major Lift Pumps and Bore Pumps alike, primarily for the irrigation sector of agriculture which is the major farming type in the Riverina. But as the range has become more known and reknown for its quality and build type customers from afar started contacting Enviroform for customised solutions. This is where the full builds came about. Enviroform modified the mould designs and builds to suit pumping gear and now we offer a range of pumping options and diesel storage solutions. Our team, alike all other products in our range, are constantly requesting customer feedback to continue developing the product to suit the markets demands.

This range has fast become one of the preferred poly diesel tanks in a major part of the East Australian Seaboard by many Fuel distributors. Major factors being the range’s Build Quality, Ease of Use and Competitively Priced for the Agricultural Market

Where Enviroform's Diesel Range Stands apart;

  • Lockable Steel Manways; all tanks come with a heavy duty Painted Mild Steel Locakable Man-Way. Unlike other Poly Diesel Options where the likes of screw lids, poly Sheet and poor Manhole covers are used, in these situations water ingress is a common problem.
  • Perfect and easy to use applications; tanks are all supplied ready for Diesel. All that’s required from the customer is a sturdily built pad and a power source for the DLS Series within a compliant bund. No unnecessary technical tools/alarms used that can easily cause complications. Thus being an ideal replacement for those old overhead tanks.
  • Price Competitive; having already served the agricultural industry for many years the range has been designed around ‘being able to supply a high quality item and service at a fair price’.

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