Poly Rainwater Tanks 600ltr-50,000ltr

Customisable tanks to suit your needs and your budget. Choose from round and Slimline styles, as well as a wide range of colours.

From the start Enviroform’s Rainwater Tank range was the core area and focus of the business. Before branching out into other markets and products we tailored the original water tank idea to suit many applications, mainly for the rural markets.

The main use of the standard RW Range (Watertanks) is utilisation for bulk water storage. Installed against large machinery and hay sheds the larger tanks provide buffer water storage for many applications such as Crop Spraying, Rainwater Harvesting, Fertiliser Mixing Contents Storage, Stock Water Storage Tank, and Pipeline Tanks. The smaller Rainwater Tanks are primarily used in smaller installations again being use as header tanks, storage tanks and on tank stands beside houses.

  • Crop Spraying; the use of rainwater tanks to capture and store fresh rainwater enables for more effective crop spraying in many different crops including Irrigated, Broadacre, Vineyards and Citrus. Not only is it beneficial to crops etc, but the clean food grade polyethylene helps keep the water quality up lessoning the chances of blocked pumps, and dirty spray nozzles and parts.
  • Rainwater Harvesting; large volumes of rainwater is always a quality back up out in these areas on farm as Australia’s dry climate nature can always strike at any time. Enviroform’s materials used in their rainwater tanks are of food grade quality thus enabling the water to be used in many domestic applications throughout the house including; showering, toilets, drinking water and washing applications.
  • Fertiliser Mixing; the bulk water storage enables pure water for adding into your fertiliser mixes to help in decreasing mix times and producing quality fertiliser mixes.
  • Stock Water Storage Tanks; Enviroform’s rainwater tanks are also used heavily for storage of stock drinking water. Use as either large reservoir tanks or to feed directly to stock water troughs. Some applications use the larger tanks on higher ground to gravity feed/service stock at distances around the farm.
  • Pipeline Tanks; Enviroform installs/set-ups variations into their tank to modify the application of the tanks to suit pipeline situations. Fittings use include: Float Valves(Single and Double Acting), extra outlets, extra taps, larger outlets, internal pipework and Screw lids. These set-ups are generally customised to suit each customer, the internal pipework enables a no interference set-up from stock.
  • Settling Tanks/Cleaning Tanks; our tanks are also use as settling tanks. Mostly where a customer is using dam water, river water or dirty bore water and is needing to clean it prior to use. We install a low tap(or a tap in the floor of the tank) and a ‘high’ tap-difference of 6”(150mm). This enables the tank to be completely filled, and then left to settle out the sediment, sometimes using concentrates to speed up the process. The higher outlet is then used to suck out the clean water leaving the sediment on the base, then in future customer use the lower outlet when cleaning out the tanks-generally every 2-3years.
  • Retention and Detention Tanks; Enviroform is regularly contacted by councils, plumbing contractors and end consumers for the provisions of retention / detention tank applications. This is where a tank is required(generally on a newbuild or modifications to an existing build) to take the initial large volumes of water captured and hold it back taking pressure off the towns drainage arrangements and slowly release the water into the drainage. This release is generally at a required flow rate specified by the engineers at the design stages of the building. Generally these set-ups require some more customisation, can be all found in the drawings from the engineers.

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