Poly Round Tanks 600ltr-50,000ltr

The traditional round tanks are what most poly tank manufacturers have been built on, Enviroform started out in 2008 with these and has since grown through to supply in excess of 15 different sizes.


Round tanks


Under 3,000L
3,000 to 10,000L
Over 10,000L
RW-600 Monument

600ltr Round Poly Water Tank

Ideal for the small tank stand, these 600ltr tanks are the perfect option for household drinking water.

RW-1000 Monument

1,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

Standard Inclusions:

- 200mm Leaf Sieve

- 90mm Overflow

- 25mm Outlet & Ball Valve Tap

- 12 Year Warranty

RW-1600 Monument

1,600ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

The 1,600ltr poly rainwater tank is the perfect option to tuck away in the corner of the yard or the outside nook of the house for household use.

RW-2000 Monument

2,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

Our 2,000ltr Rainwater Tanks are commonly used for small homes or units.

RW-2500 Monument Screw Lid

2,500ltr Squat Poly Rainwater Tank

The 2,500ltr Squat Rainwater Tank is an increasingly common size. These tanks are ideal for use on a tank stand.

RW-3000 Monument

3,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

Our 3,000ltr Rainwater Tanks are commonly used for small homes or units where space is a little more accommodating.

RW-4500 Monument

4,500ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

We are excited to introduce our new 4,500ltr Poly Rainwater Tank to the market!

RW-5000 Monument

5,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

Our 5,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tanks are commonly used in new urban developments with smaller house blocks.

RW-7200 Monument

7,200ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

We are excited to announce that our 7,200ltr Poly Rainwater Tank is now available.

RW-10000 Monument

10,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

Our 10,000L Poly Rainwater Tanks are commonly used for both rain harvesting & stock watering.

RW 13700 Monument

13,700ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

The 13,700ltr Rainwater tank is a good medium sized tank, regularly used in household rainwater storage applications or larger commercial applications when interlocking numerous tanks in a row.

RW 22500 Monument

22,500ltr Round Poly Water Tank

Our 22,500ltr Water Tanks are popular on farms or large home blocks where space is not an issue & larger amounts of water storage are needed.

RW 30000 Monument

30,000ltr Round Poly Water Tank

Our 30,000L Water Tanks are commonly used on hay sheds or large properties where large amounts of Water Storage is needed and space is not an issue.

RW-50000 Monument

50,000ltr Round Poly Water Tank

Our 50,000L Water Tanks are popular for large amounts of rain harvesting & bulk spray water storage.

Round Water Tanks For All Needs And Purposes

As temperatures increase and water becomes more scarce, Australians are steadily moving towards installing water tanks in order to store and conserve water, the favourite being round water tanks. Enviroform’s round water tanks are versatile and can be used for various purposes. Whether you need to store rainwater in small or bulk quantities, we have you covered.

We offer water tanks in a range of sizes to suit all your needs. Pick a tank under 3000L, or between 3000 to 10,000L, or for bulk water storage, choose between 10,000L to 50,000L. Our poly tanks feature:

  • 200mm to 500mm leaf sieve

  • 90mm overflow

  • Extra thick walls for maximum strength

  • One-piece Construction (no joints, seams or part-lines)

  • Extra UV Protection

  • 10+ Year Warranty

Water Tanks That Are Practical, Durable And More

Whether you solely depend on rainwater for your everyday needs or choose to use it for garden and agriculture, Enviroform offers you the best quality tanks on the market. When you buy a water tank from us, you enjoy the following:

  • Structural stability - the circular shape of round tanks provides even pressure distribution, making them structurally stable compared to other shapes

  • Durability- round poly tanks are more durable compared to other tanks, making them easy to transport

  • Easy maintenance - round tanks have fewer corners and crevices, making them easier to clean and maintain

Round water tanks offer a combination of practicality, durability and style, making them a popular choice. Browse our range of round water tanks at competitive prices and find the one that suits you best.

Choose Enviroform with confidence. Backed by two decades of industry experience in the poly roto moulding industry and offering a comprehensive 12-year repair or replacement warranty, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.

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