Septic & Underground Tanks

Enviroform's rugged and robust tank range includes septic tanks for the treatment of wastewater, and underground tanks for water storage.

Septic and Underground Tanks Tailored To You

Enviroform specialises in manufacturing water tanks for various purposes, with specifications tailored to you. Our rugged and robust tanks include septic tanks for the treatment of wastewater, to underground tanks for storage. While appearing similar, these tanks have different purposes.

How Do Septic And Underground Tanks Differ?

A septic tank is an underground container typically used in rural and suburban areas. It is used to treat and dispose of wastewater from homes and other buildings not connected to a municipal sewage system. Septic tanks are typically made of concrete or poly plastic and engineered to separate solid waste from liquids before discharging the liquids in a drain field.

Enviroform’s poly septic tanks are a complete water treatment solution featuring:

  • 3100 - 4550Lts capacity

  • Pre-installed fittings and baffle

  • Self-anchoring - does not require concrete

  • 15-year design life

  • Lightweight design for easy handling

  • Minimal excavation depth

Underground tanks, on the other hand, have a variety of purposes, such as storing water, chemicals or fuel. They are typically manufactured using plastic, steel, or fibreglass and are often used in industries to store large quantities of liquids or chemicals.

We’re Here To Help

It’s important to remember that underground water tanks need proper maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently. Septic tanks require regular inspections and pumping, while underground tanks must be checked routinely for leakages. That’s why, when you shop with Enviroform, we provide you with the tools and information necessary to ensure the smooth operation of your water tank.

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