Poly Slimline Tanks 600ltr-5000ltr

Slimline Tanks are perfect for the small areas that you are trying to put a tank and ideal for along a house/fence on a foot path.


Slimline tanks


Under 3,000L
3,000 to 10,000L

Slimline Rainwater Tanks For Every Home

Whether you live in a busy city, remote town or rural NSW, a rainwater tank is a valuable and responsible investment highly worth considering. Enviroform offers a wide range of poly slimline water tanks designed to fit where space is limited, such as along the side of a house or beside a fence. It doesn’t matter how much space you have to spare; our slimline tanks are engineered to be tall and narrow, meaning there’s a tank for every house size.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider buying a water storage tank. These include:

  • A well-built, reliable water tank is an eco-friendly way for you to reduce your dependence on the mains water supply, saving you money

  • During periods of drought, rainwater can be harvested and used as a sustainable means of watering your garden

  • Most importantly, during emergencies, such as drought, rainwater can serve as a backup water supply for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Sizes To Meet All Needs

Our slimline tank storage capacity ranges from 600ltr - 5000ltr. For a small urban unit or home, choose a tank ranging from 600ltr - 2000ltr. For a medium to large house with limited outdoor space, consider buying a tank between 3000ltr - 5000ltr. Our features include:

  • 300mm - 400mm Leaf Sieve

  • 90mm overflow

  • 25mm Outlet & Ball-valve Tap

  • Space-saving modern designs

  • Hand grips for easy lifting

  • Ability to couple with other tanks for greater volume

  • Extra thick walls for Maximum Strength

Slimline rainwater tanks are a versatile storage option, allowing those with limited space to reap the benefits of water harvesting. We deliver practicality, durability, and style,-featuring 22 Colorbond® colours and competitive prices. Browse our range of slimline tanks and find the right fit for you. With two decades of experience in the poly roto moulding industry and a comprehensive 7-year warranty on our tanks, you can rest easy with Enviroform.

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