30,000ltr Poly Self Draining Fert Tank with Poly Base


3.45m Dia. 4.15m Overall Height

High Quality Polyethylene; The poly tank is manufactured from a prime virgin material that is food grade and UV Protected ensuring its potential to not only outlast in the harsh Aussie Environment but provide a clean vessel for your fertiliser asset. The polyethylene is also formulated to be highly durable, impact resistant and chemical resistant.
Heavy Build; built to handle the heavier 1.5SG liquids, but can also be customised for liquids up to 2SG
Quality Poly Base: the poly base is manufactured from the same materials as the tank; making it light weight and easy to install. The unit also works for rear tank pick up trailers.
Certified design and analysis on structure; proven and being used by many large fert manufacturers and distributors

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