13,700ltr Traditional Poly Fertiliser Tank


3.1m Dia. 2.45m High

High-quality, food-grade, and UV-protected polyethylene, making it highly durable, impact-resistant, and chemical-resistant. This ensures its longevity and cleanliness for your fertiliser asset in the harsh Australian environment.
Designed for liquids up to 1.5SG however, can be customised to suit liquids up to 2SG.
Certified design and analysis of poly tanks; proven and utilized by numerous large fertiliser manufacturers and distributors.
Designed and manufactured in Australia.
455mm Screw Access Lid for safe access to the tank and ease of cleaning.
1" Sight Tube Level Indicator supplied standard with isolating ball-valve.
2" Poly Welded Outlet, Poly Ball-Valve & Camlock
Optional Top Fill Kit

Supplied with

455mm Screw Access Lid

1" Sight Tube & Isolating Ball-Valve

Optional extras

Side Entry Agitator

Top Entry Agitator

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