3,000ltr Poly Rainwater Tank

Our 3,000ltr Rainwater Tanks are commonly used for small homes or units where space is a little more accommodating.


1500 Dia. x 1900 Inlet H x 2000 Apex H

300mm Leaf Sieve
90mm Overflow
25mm Outlet & Ball-valve Tap
Banded Walls
Self-Supporting Roof Design (no support poles are necessary)
Extra thick walls for Maximum Strength
One-piece Construction (no joints, seams or part-lines)
Extra UV Protection
12 Year Warranty

Supplied with

300mm Leaf Sieve

90mm Overflow

25mm Ball Valve Tap

25mm Brass Tank Fitting

Optional extras

455mm Screw Access Lid

Water Level Indicator

Float Valve

Garden Pump


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