Diesel Tanks

Our Diesel Tank range is fully customisable. We can supply your tank as a storage unit with the top fill kit only, or we can kit it out to fulfill all of your dispensing/pumping requirements.


Diesel Pumping Station


Under 3,000L
3,000 to 10,000L

Diesel Tanks For Easy Fuel Storage

Making frequent trips to the fuel station can be time-consuming, especially if you have numerous vehicles or machinery in constant need of refills. Ideal to use if you own a transport company or are a farming and agriculture enthusiast, Enviroform has developed a quality range of diesel fuel and storage tank solutions to cater to your fuel needs. Whether you need to store diesel in small or bulk quantities, we have you covered.

At Enviroform, we offer diesel tanks in a range of capacities to suit your individual needs. Pick a tank in the range of 3000L to 10,000L, or for bulk storage and large-scale use, opt for a tank between 15,000L to 30,000L capacity.

Our diesel tanks feature:

  • 2" Tanker Fast Fill

  • Earthing rod & connection

  • Choice of either 12v or 240v pumping options

  • Specialised manhole access

  • Specialised lifting points

We manufacture our portable diesel tanks to the highest standard using specialised diesel-grade hexathene poly and nitrile materials to ensure maximum safety and durability.

If you are on the lookout for tanks with a pumping option, our range of specialty tanks are available with an in-built bowser pump and delivery hose in both bunded and non-bunded options.


A bunded diesel tank is a type of storage tank designed to store fuel in a double-walled container, also known as a bund. The bund consists of an inner tank that holds the diesel fuel and an outer tank that acts as a secondary containment system in the case of a leak or spill from the inner tank.

Benefits of bunded tanks include:

  • Improved environmental protection

  • Increased safety

  • Enhanced durability

  • Reduced insurance premiums and compliance with regulations

Diesel Tanks That Are Durable, Efficient, And More

Whether you need fuel for one-off occasions or on a regular basis, Enviroform offers you the best diesel storage tanks on the market. When you buy a diesel tank from us, you enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • Save time - storage tanks allow for convenient on-site storage of fuel, reducing the need for frequent trips to refuel vehicles or equipment

  • Cost savings - purchase diesel in bulk when fuel prices are low

  • Improve operational efficiency- less downtime caused by refuelling

  • Improved emergency preparedness - in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies, having a diesel storage tank can provide a source of fuel for backup generators or other emergency equipment

  • Environmental benefits - properly maintained diesel storage tanks could help prevent leakage and spills, minimising the risk of environmental contamination

  • Dependable in-house after-sales support and onsite maintenance team.

Diesel storage tanks offer a combination of efficiency, practicality and durability, making them a popular choice among all. Browse Enviroform’s selection of poly diesel tanks available at competitive prices and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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